Those animals who are fully healthy and who have been successfully rehabilitated are found loving homes through our Rehoming Scheme.

We look for permanent loan homes where our animals can be nurtured and cherished, but they always belong to us and so they will always have a place here at Crosskennan should they ever need it in future.

Our rehoming programme involves loaning an animal from us on a permanent basis, while also always having the support of the Sanctuary. This means you will have full responsibility for your new member of the family and their day-to-day care, but should they need to come back to us for any reason they’ll always have a place at Crosskennan.


Adopt An Animal

The beginning of a beautiful friendship
Rehoming an animal from Crosskennan is incredibly rewarding. Not only will you be doing something amazing by giving a loving home to a rescued animal but you will also be making space at the Sanctuary for us to help more in need.

Foster An Animal

Saving a life, one home at a time.

Sponsor An Animal

Make a new friend
It’s the best way to support Crosskennan!