Sponsor an Animal at Crosskennan!

You can sign up to become a regular sponsor of some of our animals. Our Sponsorship schemes are for as little as £2 a month.

If you sponsor an animal you will recieve a certificate of sponsorship, a photograph of your chosen animal, and quarterly updates.

Learn more by emailing sponsor@crosskennanlane.org.uk

Click on a photo above to learn some more about the animals who you can sponsor at the sanctuary!

Click Below to set up a sponsorship online through our shop, if you would like to sponsor an amount not listed on the sponsor products below please email sponsor@crosskennanlane.org.uk and we can assist setting up the amount requested.

Sponsorship FAQ

How do I sponsor an Animal?

Please contact us by email sponsor@crosskennanlane.org.uk or ring our office on Tel: 028 9446 5384 to request a sponsorship pack. We can issue these in hardcopy or by email and we are happy to answer any questions you have about the sponsorship process.

What does my sponsorship go toward?

Your sponsorship supports the work of CLAS and helps us to not only look after your sponsored animal but all the animals in our care. The money is used to help pay for the running costs of the sanctuary, such as feeding, bedding, veterinary costs, supplements, medication and round the clock care. Many of our animals are long life residents at the sanctuary due to a life of neglect or because of complex health needs. They will be provided a lifelong home in the sanctuary where they will be well cared for and more importantly loved.

Will I be the only sponsor of the animal I choose?

We operate a co-sponsorship scheme with a number of people sponsoring each animal. Please be assured that your sponsorship will be used to help all the animals in our care, including the animal you have chosen to sponsor.

Which animals can I sponsor?

Please refer to your sponsorship pack or our website for a list of special animals that are available for sponsorship.

Can I visit or get an update about my animal?

Our staff and volunteers are very busy providing daily care and enrichment for 120+ animals that are at the sanctuary on any given day and unfortunately not in a position to provide on demand updates for sponsored animals or oversee regular visits. However you will get the chance to connect to your sponsored animal through quarterly updates and you will be invited to all our Open days and other fun events where hopefully you will get to meet your sponsored animal in person as well as the many other residents at the Sanctuary. Other information can be obtained by visiting our Social Media pages and by joining our mailing list for all the exciting news and updates from the Sanctuary.

What happens if my sponsored animal is rehomed?

For the most part our sponsored animals are lifelong residents at CLAS where they can receive the specialist care they need or they have quite simply decided that they want to stay at the sanctuary. However from time to time there maybe the situation where your sponsorship animal finds a loving home and is adopted. If this is the case CLAS will endeavour to provide you an update on the animal as they settle into their new life (subject to the consent of the adopter). We will also ensure that you are given the option to take on another resident that is in need of a sponsor if so desired.

Can I sponsor an animal as a gift for someone else?

Yes, you can sponsor an animal as a gift for someone else. This will be a one-time gift and we can if necessary arrange for the gift to be sent directly to the recipient on your behalf. Please ensure you give us as much notice as possible for processing gift sponsorship so we have enough time to process it in time for that special occasion. These are ideal gifts for birthdays, Christmas and for animal lovers in general.

How long does the sponsorship last for?

That is entirely up to you and more information on how you can pay the sponsorship is available on our sponsorship form. If at any stage you decide to cancel your sponsorship all you need to do is advise us in writing or by emailing: sponsor@crosskennanlane.org.uk and we will process your request as quickly as possible. It is advisable that you contact your bank regarding the cancellation of any direct debit you have set up.